about anova innovations

Large 32 Cavity Production mold
3D Printed Pieces


Our Vision is to become a global leader in the purposeful application and use of 3D printed steel inserts for injection molds in the Medical, Packaging, and Pharmaceutical industries.


Mission Statement: To be exceptional in mold design services that focus on engineering, and the strategic use of printed metal inserts, and inspection services to enhance a mold's productivity and improve the molded part quality.


Anova Innovations' strategy is to develop four paths in parallel. These four paths include:

  1. Mold design services with the strategic use of 3D steel printed inserts within the mold for more highly engineered systems.
  2. Reverse engineering, designing, troubleshooting, and building of mold inserts.
  3. Gap Analysis: Mold design and steel inspection to better understand and record the differences between the molded part, the design, and the steel. 
  4. Build to order 3D Steel printed inserts.
Over 100 combined years of mold design, processing, & mold engineering.


Our team’s reputation is an intangible, invaluable, asset that provides Anova with a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Delivering outstanding customer service requires a culture and a mindset that emphasizes achievement, impeccable service, and problem-solving through focused ideas and inventiveness.

Our team shows appreciation to every team member in the process of working with innovative technology and systems. They show pride and satisfaction in their work while keeping candid, honest, and open communication with each other. The team uses data-driven decision making and proactive thinking with always keeping the end results top of mind. Most importantly they work great as a team, while still pushing themselves to become self-reliant.

The Apprentice Program vision is a program that helps underprivileged students start a technological career out of high school. One of our top priorities is to educate and mentor all apprentices.