Gap Analysis

Eliminating variance, it's in our name!

Anova: Analysis of variance, a statistical method in which the variation in a set of observations is divided into distinct components.

Predicting the outcome of an injection molding process, and for that matter the behavior of the end product, is difficult.  There are times when the product must be reworked multiple times until the molded parts meet the quality standards. The part design, gate location, cooling system, and sometimes even the ejection system can be the root cause of the product variation.

This Gap Analysis correction loop encompasses:

  • Develop a statistically capable process
  • Mold the product 
  • Measure the product
  • Calculate the deviation from the product model & print
  • Analyze and compare all above
  • Close the “dimensional gap” 

The product must be measured completely and exactly in every correction loop, and the mold must then be modified inline with these results.

Project Management

  • Weekly project reporting (Gantt)
  • Customer-specific Program Manager
  • Anova Liaison to support molds in your facility
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Direct relationship with plant personnel
  • Industry knowledge and expertise

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Anova Relies
on Statistics

It's important to know not only how the product will work in the end, but what may be missing from the process. That's why Anova Innovations works as a team with the customer to brainstorm and make sure nothing is missed. Sometimes, we may have to go back to the drawing board; and that's why gap analysis is so important to the process.

Process simulation to assist in predicting the final outcome, and good data management are critical to ensure the mold meets the intended results.

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