Case Study Part 3: Stress Analysis

The next step of the design process is to analyze the amount of stress that may develop within each of the prospective mold core inserts based on the results of the injection molding process simulation. This step is incredibly important because the plastic pressure within the mold cavity can be very high, and the placement…
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Moldex3D & Anova Innovations: Forging New Partnerships for your Future Workforce

The manufacturing industry has around 500,000 open job positions, and manufacturers all over the country are struggling to fill those spots. Even with compensation that is almost double that of federal minimum wage, these job positions remain vacant. With its unique internship/apprenticeship program, Anova Innovations, in partnership with Erie High School, is working towards alleviating…
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Biodegradable Resins: The Benefits and Challenges of this Solution

From pill bottles and life-saving medical equipment to business-essential tools and household appliances, there are uncountable numbers of products that manufacturers make out of plastic. Polymers are truly exceptional materials. While plastic will likely always have a place in our lives, it’s clear that our over-reliance on it has severely impacted our planet. Thankfully, biodegradable…
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3D Metal Printing: The Sustainable Manufacturing Solution Companies Need

3D metal printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), is radically changing the manufacturing sector. Not only is it unlocking new levels of productivity, affordability, and agility, but it may also be the key to long-term sustainability. If you’re looking for a solution that can help maximize your bottom line while minimizing your carbon footprint,…
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18 Essential Additive Manufacturing Terms You Need to Know

From binder jetting and directed energy deposition to photopolymerization and powder bed fusion, the jargon around additive manufacturing can be challenging to keep straight. To help alleviate some of the confusion, Anova Innovations breaks down some of the most essential industry terms. For manufacturing veterans, this piece can be a useful refresher. For the newcomers,…
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What Is the Difference Between Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing?

Depending on what stage of manufacturing you specialize in, you may have heard people talking about additive manufacturing. If you’re curious about the difference between subtractive and additive manufacturing, Anova Innovations is here to help. In this piece, we’ll clearly define both manufacturing processes and highlight the pros and cons of each, with an emphasis…
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Case Study Part 2: Simulating Molds for Conformal Cooling Capabilities

In Part 1 of this case study, a plastic parts manufacturer was looking to upgrade a traditional mold for pharmaceutical pill bottles. Part 1 highlighted how engineering calculations are used as part of the mold design process to quickly assess the capabilities of various design options. In that study, Anova Innovations compared four different cores…
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Four Molds

Case Study Part 1: The Design Process for Conformal Cooling

There is a multitude of metrics that manufacturers have to balance when working through the design process for conformal cooling applications. From the uniformity of the steel temperature across the mold stack up to how efficient the cooling process is, it’s critical to evaluate all components. However, the core is often the most vital. If…
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Anova Innovations Internship

Filling the Skills Gap: How Anova Innovations Tapped into New Growth Potential

The Covid-19 pandemic eliminated 1.4 million jobs in manufacturing. In an industry that was already facing a shortage of skilled workers before 2020, the shutdowns brought a whole host of challenges that are still being dealt with over two years later. Though over 800,000 workers returned to their positions when states lifted restrictions, 500,000 jobs…
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3D Steel Printer

4 Eco-Friendly & Commercial Benefits of Conformal Cooling for Manufacturers

With the push in recent years to focus on more environmentally-friendly products, many producers are turning their attention to alternatives. Specifically, bio-based materials. The problem is, processing these materials presents certain unique challenges in extended cycle times, compressed processing windows, and dimensional uncertainties. However, advances in additive manufacturing via conformal cooling are unlocking a myriad…
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