Four Molds

Case Study Part 1: The Design Process for Conformal Cooling

There is a multitude of metrics that manufacturers have to balance when working through the design process for conformal cooling applications. From the uniformity of the steel temperature across the mold stack up to how efficient the cooling process is, it’s critical to evaluate all components. However, the core is often the most vital. If…
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Anova Innovations Internship

Filling the Skills Gap: How Anova Innovations Tapped into New Growth Potential

The Covid-19 pandemic eliminated 1.4 million jobs in manufacturing. In an industry that was already facing a shortage of skilled workers before 2020, the shutdowns brought a whole host of challenges that are still being dealt with over two years later. Though over 800,000 workers returned to their positions when states lifted restrictions, 500,000 jobs…
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3D Steel Printer

4 Eco-Friendly & Commercial Benefits of Conformal Cooling for Manufacturers

With the push in recent years to focus on more environmentally-friendly products, many producers are turning their attention to alternatives. Specifically, bio-based materials. The problem is, processing these materials presents certain unique challenges in extended cycle times, compressed processing windows, and dimensional uncertainties. However, advances in additive manufacturing via conformal cooling are unlocking a myriad…
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3d Printer pringing metal

3D Printing vs. Injection Molding: What’s the Difference?

The beauty of 3D printing is the ease of changing the design prior to the printing method. Before anything is set into stone, companies can accurately test the product, ensuring everything is just right before printing begins. Mold design engineers can build each product to order, ensuring each client’s needs are met without the extra…
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