Moldex3D & Anova Innovations: Forging New Partnerships for your Future Workforce

The manufacturing industry has around 500,000 open job positions, and manufacturers all over the country are struggling to fill those spots. Even with compensation that is almost double that of federal minimum wage, these job positions remain vacant. With its unique internship/apprenticeship program, Anova Innovations, in partnership with Erie High School, is working towards alleviating this problem in the Erie, Pennsylvania region. The company hopes this program will catch on and grow throughout the country.


Moldex3D is an industry-leading simulation software that trusts and shares Anova’s vision for the future of the plastics industry and has partnered with them to further expand Anova’s unique apprenticeship program.


Today, the younger generation is tech-savvy and looks forward to working with cutting-edge technology in the workplace. Moldex3D helps them visually understand what goes into the mold and what happens during the mold design process. This information helps students understand the root cause of various molding challenges such as shrinkage, warpage, and air entrapment. Furthermore, Moldex3D will help them build confidence to ultimately optimize engineering time and minimize the need for antiquated, on-the-floor, trial-and-error teaching methodologies. Moldex3D is proud to have partnered with Anova and has agreed to donate its software technology to Erie High School (Anova’s apprenticeship partner high school). They hope this donation will empower the young apprentices and future plastic manufacturing professionals to positively impact the bottom line of molding companies by optimizing part designing, tooling, and processing phases, and are glad to share this vision as a partner.


This partnership highlights the importance of this apprenticeship, and with the endorsement of Moldex3D, Anova believes the program can continue to grow and allow students to build not only essential manufacturing skills, but also an impressive resume, all before they even graduate high school.